Joyful Honda

Yesterday we went to a big department/hardware store: Joyful Honda. I have no idea where the name came from, or what it means, but it is a pretty neat place to go. Downstairs is household items and a pharmacy-like place. They also have, of course, the hardware store. In the entrance there is a flower shop, and upstairs is the crafts area. I love crafts, so I went upstairs with my mother. We looked at all the traditional art (origami, wind “chime” art)

and stickers, scrap booking, greeting cards, etc. The store was huge, so there was plenty to look at! I bought some origami paper since I sell origami earrings. Now I can safely say mine are authentic! There is also a pet store associated with Joyful Honda, but we did not get to go that day. Hopefully sometime soon? At the end, my mother and I got some strawberry milk. But this wasn’t any old pink milk that reminds you of Pepto Bismol. No, this was Japanese strawberry milk– and it was divine. It is a lot more creamy and actually tastes like strawberry. One of best 100 yen I have ever spent!


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